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Why would I need a porcelain crown?

There are a variety of reasons why a porcelain crown might be a part of your oral health treatment plan…

  1. A porcelain crown is sometimes used when a large cavity filling exists or if you have a tooth that’s had a root canal that needs further reinforcement.
  2. You might have a discolored tooth that you want to brighten up, but a Veneer just isn’t the right choice.
  3. Remember that time you accidentally bit down on a piece of petrified hard candy? A cracked or excessively worn tooth sometimes calls for a crown.

So, what exactly is a porcelain crown and what does it do?

Porcelain crowns are a full-coverage, 360-degree restoration solution for damaged teeth. We recommend crowns for teeth that are likely to break in the future or for teeth that are too damaged to be corrected by a traditional filling.

Why are porcelain crowns an effective treatment solution? They improve your smile by…

  • fortifying a heavily restored tooth, preventing future fracture
  • restoring loss of tooth structure from heavy grinding
  • improving the aesthetics of your smile
  • relieving pain caused by damage or fractures
Dr. Wooten
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Okay, I think I need a crown. What should I expect?

The process is split between two appointments.

During your first appointment, you will receive full local anesthesia for the tooth that needs treatment. Dr. Wooten will prep your tooth to create room for a porcelain crown. He will then take a putty impression of the tooth in question. This impression allows the lab to fashion a crown as close to your old tooth shape as possible. In the meantime, Dr. Wooten will place a temporary crown on your tooth to protect the area. (You’ll want to avoid sticky foods until your permanent crown is put in place.)

At your second appointment, Dr. Wooten will remove the temporary crown and fit your new permanent crown in its place. Sometimes we take an x-ray to ensure the fit and placement is just right. The process is completed by an application of adhesive to ensure everything stays in place. Before you leave, we will send you home with instructions on how to take proper care of your new porcelain crown.

Ready to see if you are a candidate for a dental crown?

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