Teeth Whitening

Is your coffee habit dulling your smile? Recently quit smoking and looking to celebrate? Worry that your look is akin to the Saber-tooth at the natural history museum? A smile whitening consultation at our Clintonville office may do the trick.

How we get that sparkling bling-bling.

Teeth Whitening in our Clintonville office

Before we begin the smile whitening process, we’ll give your teeth a basic cleaning and thorough exam. During the exam, we will check for chipped or broken teeth as well as any concerns with your gums.

After this prep work, a hydrogen peroxide solution gel will be carefully and evenly applied to your teeth, taking careful precautions to avoid the gums. The solution will be left on your teeth for several 10-minute intervals and then washed away. We do not use an LED light (it’s an unnecessary gadget). After up to 3 intervals of whitening application and removal, your teeth will have lifted to a lighter, brighter shade of white. In total, the teeth whitening process is roughly 45 minutes.

A relief gel may be applied to your teeth and Dr. Wooten will review a list of food and beverages to stay away from for the next few days. (Yes, coffee is on that list. But it’s only temporary.)

Brief sensitivity may occur to even the most non-sensitive people, but this will not last long. Brushing with a toothpaste like Sensodyne can help. Staying away from foods at both extremes in temperature for 2 days is also a good idea.

Teeth Whitening at home

Are you more of a DIY’er? Great. We can mold a custom teeth whitening tray and send you home with whitening gel. Dr. Wooten will give personal, detailed instructions on how to whiten your teeth on your own. This usually includes a regimen of 10 consecutive nights of bleaching. You’ll fill your whitening tray with the provided gel and wear it overnight. Brush as you normally do. Remember to avoid drinking coffee and tea (or anything known to create dark stains) during your 10-day bleaching process.

Ready to schedule your checkup?

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your last dental checkup, there’s no need to fret – we are here to help! We can get back on track with your dental care. Contact our Clintonville dentist office today to schedule an appointment.

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