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Composite Cavity Fillings

Need a filling? Don’t stress—it happens to the best of us.

If you happen to have a cavity or need an old filling repaired, we’ll walk you through the process at our Clintonville office.

Because transparency and practicality are important to us, we will never suggest a repair unless it’s absolutely necessary. Over-diagnosing cavities just isn’t our thing. If we see any funny business with your teeth, we’ll happily snap a few macro digital photos. This way, we can instantly see and discuss any areas of concern.

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Cavity Treatment at Wooten Dentistry

What is cavity treatment all about? We're an amalgam-free kind of practice, so you'll only find natural-looking, tooth-colored composite fillings here. We’ll focus on carefully removing any decayed areas of your tooth, then we’ll gently fill the area with durable composite material. And voila! The treatment process is complete.

How Do Dental Fillings Work?

Dental fillings perform an array of functions that help in healing and protecting your teeth from further tooth decay. They fill in holes in your tooth’s structure once the decayed tissue is removed. This prevents decay from spreading to neighboring tissue while maintaining the structure of the tooth.

What Are Composite Cavity Fillings?

The composite material we use to fill your cavities is made to match the color of your original tooth enamel and provides a natural-looking solution. Our composite fillings protect your teeth from further decay and damage while strengthening the tooth to prevent it from cracking or breaking.

What Are Dental Onlays and How Do They Differ From Fillings?

If the cavity has caused the tooth to crack or break, porcelain/ceramic fillings - also referred to as onlays - may be used. Like our composite fillings, dental onlays match your tooth enamel and look very natural when applied. Onlays are typically used on the molars in the back of your mouth because they are significantly stronger and more durable than composite fillings. If a tooth has undergone extensive damage, Dr. Wooten may recommend covering your tooth with a porcelain crown.

If you suspect you may have a cavity that needs filling, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office via phone, email, or schedule an appointment online.

Ready to schedule your checkup?

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your last dental checkup, there’s no need to fret – we are here to help! We can get back on track with your dental care. Contact our Clintonville dentist office today to schedule an appointment.

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